Saint Seiya Legend of Justice: Preview of the new 'Relics of Gods' modeSeptember 30, 2022

New building... new mode?

On 9/28, a mystery building appeared in the global version, at the top-left of the PVP screen (tab #2).
Then, it was gone the following day.

Is it related to a new mode?

In this content, we are going to explore what's behind this building.
Disclaimer: the following content may have evolved since it was published. Unlike the others parts, this one is not dynamically updated.

What exactly happened?

The building appeared on the global version to what looks like a human error.

The 3D scene with the mountains and buildings likely contains the buildings as layers.
This way the team can prepare theses assets in the standalone 3D scene without having to integrate to visualize and make adjustments.
Within the app, the building are supposed to be displayed according to some data.
Therefore, the scene should not natively contain the building.
Thus, the logic explaination is: someone prepared the building and forgot to hide its layer, thus the 3D scene was considered « new » and was pushed to production.

Thanks to this minor error, with some digging, we are able to have pieces of information about a new mode.


What will be the requirements?

The building is named 'Relics of Gods' (approx. translation), thus we are going to label the mode this way.

In order to access the new mode, it will be required to have finished the ... 25-40 level.
Considering the state of the global version, it will not be received well.


When will it be available?

The new mode, according to the data, will be available on the traditional chinese version on 10/28.
At this very moment, there is no sign of the mode on the global version. We are monitoring this subject.

This mode will have a registration phase

  • Registration: 2 days

About the duration...
On the first hand, there are a few signs indicating a duration of 13-15 days. On the other hand, theses data are not consumed, thus indicating a permanent mode.

The mode will mainly consist of two parts: Explore and Occupy.



The Exploration part will be based around a Map. Actually, it's supposed to be a Canyon.
The map will be tiled with various surfaces: grass, ice, lava, dust... and a few buildings as well.

Each tile will require to defeat an enemy in order to move forward.


The Enemies

The enemies will start from 6 stars up to 11 stars.

The lowest ones will rebirth each 5 minutes, while the highest will rebirth each 2 hours.

The fights will be divided in two types:

  • Raid Normal: 197 fights
  • Raid Boss: 4 fights

Exploration Level Up

In order to level up the Explore part, you'll have to complete a bunch of tasks.

  • Collecting Power of Gods
  • Leveling up the slots (we will see that below in the Occupy part)
  • Dealing damage to the final Boss
  • ...

Exploration Rewards

Here are the rewards available by completing the 8 Exploration levels.

Level#1 Item#1 Quantity#2 Item#2 Quantity
13-star Knight Fragment360Gold Coin10000000
25-star Knight Fragment60Magic Stone500
3Summon Stone20Gold Coin15000000
4Gold Knight Blood50Magic Stone1000
5Element Stone20Gold Coin20000000
6Blood of God30Magic Stone1500
7Psychokinesis3000Gold Coin25000000
8Divining Stone20Magic Stone2000

Here are the P2W rewards.

Level#1 Item#1 Quantity#2 Item#2 Quantity
1Diamond3000Summon Stone10
2Diamond1000Summon Stone10
3Diamond1000Summon Stone10
4Diamond1000Summon Stone10
5Diamond1000Summon Stone10
6Diamond1000Summon Stone10
7Diamond1000Summon Stone10
8Diamond10005-star Knight Selection1


Defeating enemies will reward with this mode's money: Power of Gods, which will be used to Occupy.

The Occupy part will be split according to the 5 roles (Protector, Warrior, Skilled, Assassin, Assist).
Each role will have 5 slots which can be leveled up to level 5.
5 roles, 5 slots, 5 levels. That's 125 levels to gain

Leveling up will grant you stats and skills.


Occupy Level Up

In order to level up theses slots, you'll have to use the Power of Gods money.
It'll start from a 1850 cost (slot 1, level 1) up to a a 60390 cost (slot 2, level 5)

Leveling up will grant you stats and skills.

Here is a translation.


Life Bonus25%
1Takes 35% less damage from any normal attack.
2When health is lower than 70%, toughness and toughness are increased by 50 points each
3At the beginning of the battle, automatically restores 12% of the maximum health per second for 10 seconds


Life Bonus24%
1After a normal attack, recover 70% of your attack power as HP. This effect can only be triggered once per second.
2When HP is above 50%, damage taken is reduced by 30%
3Increases haste by 50 after each release of Profound Truth, lasts for 8 seconds, cannot be stacked


Life Bonus23%
1When using damage-type skills, additional damage equal to 100% of own attack power is added
2After entering the battle, the acquisition speed of the microcosmos is increased by 12% per second, up to a maximum of 240%
3After accumulating damage equal to 1200% of own ATK, restore 25% of maximum HP immediately


Life Bonus22%
1Normal attacks have an additional 30% armor break rate
2When HP is lower than 60%, lifesteal is increased by 30%
3At the beginning of the battle, the damage is increased by 50%, the effect is reduced by 1% every second


Life Bonus25%
1Decreases damage from enemy skill attacks by 20%
2Once every 6 seconds, removes all debuffs from the body and restores 30% of the missing health for each removed one
3Gain an additional 1400 microcosmos at the start of the battle

Ranking Rewards

Here are the rewards available by finishing at the various ranks.

Rank#1 Item#1 Quantity#2 Item#2 Quantity
1-10Diamond1000Resource Hourglass10
11-30Diamond800Resource Hourglass8
31-50Diamond600Resource Hourglass6
51-200Diamond500Resource Hourglass5
201-1000Diamond400Resource Hourglass4
1001-9999Diamond200Resource Hourglass2

Final note

This content won't age well, especially in a month.
Some parts might change between the reading of the data and the actual UI.Even if the traditional chinese version is kind of a forecast for global players, we do not have any reliable method to forecast the traditional chinese version itself.